Social Value for Haiti
Social Value for Haiti

Haiti, the great results of our efforts

Trevi Group has been involved for some years, in collaboration with the non-profit organization AVSI, in the project Social Value for Haiti, in support of the Caribbean country. In fact, following the terrible earthquake of 2010, the Trevi Group, together with its employees, donated € 51,702 in 2011; this sum enabled the construction of the nutrition center at Place Fierté in Port-au-Prince (Cité Soleil) which was officially launched in April 2012. Since then, the commitment of the Trevi Group has continued, with a new contribution of € 33,678 in 2013.

This commitment - aimed at the operation of the feeding center – allowed the achievement of important goals.

In fact, in the period January 2013 - April 2014, the following results were obtained:
• 3,758 malnourished children received intestinal vermifuge treatment and cures;
• 3,990 children aged 6 to 59 months were administered Vitamin A;
• 183 children were administered micronutrients;
• 1,548 women were administered iron and folic acid during the first three months of gestation and for the three months following the child birth;
• 63 clubs of mothers (training sessions) were organized, with the participation of 1,229 women.

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