Trevi Foundations Nigeria Ltd for the foundations of a beverage production facility

Trevi Foundations Nigeria Ltd is working on the foundations of a beverage production facility in Shagamu Ogun State for the main Contractor Vita Construction Ltd whose customer is SAB Miller (Intafact Beverages Limited).

  • Main Contractor: Vita Construction Limited was founded in March 1981. Their operations in Nigeria range from a wide variety of world-class projects of all sizes in many fields including industrial, commercial and residential.
  • Client: SAB Miller plc is a multinational beer and beverage company based in England, acquired by Anheuser-Busch InBev. Prior to the acquisition, it was the second largest beer producer in the world (after Anheuser-Busch InBev) and was also an important bottler of Coca-Cola. SAB Miller Plc operates in 80 countries around the world and sold about 21 billion liters of drinks in 2008.


The project was initiated following the first agreement with Vita Construction Ltd, whose work started in March 2017, followed by a second agreement in June 2017.

Trevi was awarded the piling work which was to be carried out in six months:

  • The first contract was expected to be 8.558m, of which 7,722m CFA piles (351 of 389Nos.) of various diameters (450mm-600mm), with lengths of 22m, were executed. In addition, the contract included: 8nos. static load tests (4 for each diameter) and n. 389 Pile Integrity Test.
  • The second contract involves the construction of two soldier piles carried out with CFA technology and 214 Pile Integrity Test:

- The first of 1,149m² consists of piles of 600mm diameter, depth 22.0m and 15.0m.

- The second of 1,110m² consists of piles diameter 450mm and 600mm, depth 22.0m and 15.0m.


Trevi has been involved with a 27-member staff, two teams for only 3 weeks, 2 Soilmec (SF70) equipment for CFA Continuous Auger piles, 3 concrete pumps, 1 service mobile crane, an excavator and a payloader. All of the activities described above, from the installation of piles to the manufacture of steel cages and pile tests, are carried out directly by Trevi Foundations Nigeria Ltd.

There was great difficulty in drilling because the ground on the site is made up for the first 18-20m by laterites and for the subsequent 2-4m of sand. Such stratigraphy resulted in low daily production and heavy wear on excavator tools.


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