Petreven for Kenya
Petreven for Kenya

Patagonia Compassion for Kenya

Petreven Chile, a company belonging to the Trevi Group, supports the Chilean NGO “Patagonia Compassion” for its projects in Kenya.

Patagonia Compassions is a Chilean NGO that promotes humanitarian aid, by sending volunteers and professionals to show solidarity with the needy of the world.

Petreven Chile particularly supports an active project in the territory of Makueni County, in Kenya, where a team of Patagonia Compassion is bringing humanitarian aid to 206 children of the College Kaiani. The aid covers several aspects: from the medical/dental to the educational/training ones.

At the same time, volunteers are working within an area of about three acres, recently acquired by the Chilean NGO, with the aim to build, by 2014, an orphanage and a school for orphaned and needy children ranging from two to five years of age.