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More than 65 years of Excellence

Set-up in Cesena (Italy) in 1957 by Davide Trevisani, Trevi Group is actually controlled by CDP Equity Investimenti S.p.a and Polaris Capital Management LLC.

The Trevi Group is a world leader in the field of underground engineering from A to Z (special foundations, soil consolidation, recovery of polluted sites), in the design and marketing of specialized technologies in the sector.

Internationalization, integration and the continuous exchange between its two divisions are among the reasons for the success of the Trevi Group: Trevi, which carries out special foundations and soil consolidation works for large infrastructure projects (subways, dams, ports and docks, bridges, railway and highway lines, industrial and civil buildings), secures polluted sites, builds and manages underground and automated car parks and Soilmec, which designs, manufactures and markets machinery, systems and services for underground engineering.

The parent company TREVI – Finanziaria Industriale Spa has been listed on the Milan stock exchange since July 1999.




We design and manufacture cutting-edge equipment, technologies and services to carry out solid and safe ground and underground works for major infrastructures that enhance people's quality of life.

To be the reference partner for innovative, reliable and lifetime solutions in the underground engineering

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The Group

A Group is not just the sum of its many firms. The Group is a strong theme which unites situations that are different but are honed in their mental and spiritual aspects, commitment and passion.

Our Group is like this: always striving towards new solutions and new markets, willing to renew itself, day after day, without compromising itself, its own identity, its own objectives.
We were a global company before globalisation, careful to seize and anticipate the multiple changes in the world, integrating our company with cultures and traditions that are very different from our own. We aren’t afraid of new ideas. Instead, they make us passionate.
Today, after more than 65 years, we are confronting new challenges which are always more complex, and aware that we have acquired significant experience, supported by targeted and innovative technologies, a workforce ingrained with strong values, capability and passion; a team which is spread across every corner of the world but linked by common values, identity and passion. We are the result of a long journey, which is at the same time a new point of departure. This is the essence of our Group.



Nothing is as grounded and at the same time as mobile as roots; as the earth moves, while everything seems still, everything is actually changing and renewing itself.
Roots evolve, they choose the best route to adapt themselves to the earth, and faced with an obstacle, don’t stop, but look for new life and new directions, and as they move ahead, they strengthen, and improve.

This is what happens every day on every Trevi Group project: in every technical matter, on every foundation built, every dam or parking lot created, in a hole drilled in the earth or under the sea we find an innovative solution. No two projects are ever alike, no two terrains identical: each solution is unique. The best tools aren’t enough in and of themselves; innovation is not only a question of technology, it is a mental state, a way of being, of seeing, and an approach to different situations.
Our growth draws strength from all we do: the experience of our professionals, the most modern techniques, and the desire to think outside of the box, to establish new viewpoints, and to carve new roads. Thanks to this frame of mind, Trevi Group has found new solutions to old unsolved problems. We look at a project in a new light, acutely, as no one has before us. Studying all the possible avenues, and then not finding one that is suitable, we have created new ones.



We continue to change while staying true to ourselves. No two roots are ever the same: analysing terrains from a scientific point of view, you get in touch with its intimate side; you listen, and hence enter into harmony with it.

In every part of the world, on all projects undertaken, Trevi Group works together with and for the benefit of the environment, in harmony with the local people, and in accord with their culture.
As the earth nourishes roots so too does Trevi Group draw energy from the region and the people we encounter along our way, thereby building a stable and profitable relationship, a mutual understanding between geographical and cultural contexts and with the economic and social fabric, an integration that favours new development opportunities. In every corner of the world, on every one of our projects we remember the faces, the experiences, and the relationships that blossomed. Different worlds yet with the same need for roots.


Human Factor

The strength of our roots comes from the value placed on the individual, on team spirit, in our involvement, in facing a challenge, and in the determination to build something that will leave its mark.

These are the values that our worker shares and upholds: a vision fostered by our experts and transmitted, daily, to a new generation of workers. Man is at the centre of everything: his values, hopes and dreams are also our own.
The spirit of one united family that welcomes every new challenge with enthusiasm and dedication, this is the mission that unites our workers in every corner of the globe. Every job is a tangible sign of this sense of participation, of solidarity, and of group spirit that has characterised Trevi Group throughout its history.
Man is our point of arrival. As it is our point of departure.


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Our Group
TREVI operates in the execution of specialised works in the field of underground engineering, always obtaining excellent results, and it supplies services with high added value and with high profitability margins.
SOILMEC manufactures plants and rigs that are used for foundation engineering. Its products are the result of an experience of over 50 years, and are tested under the most difficult conditions in the works the Group carries out all over the world through the TREVI Division.
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