Water for Life
Water for Life

Water for Life Camerun

A drilling rig for water research and exploitation arrived at its destination in Cameroon and it will be soon implemented. The Trevi Group has donated this equipment to the humanitarian association “Water for life”, based in Treviso.

The non-profit organization of Treviso, together with the Foundation Bethlehem, are both involved in the project aimed at developing water resources in the south of Cameroon, the Republic of Equatorial Africa which is afflicted by the serious and endemic problem of water scarcity. The Trevi Group has made available to the volunteers of the humanitarian association of Treviso (a province where the PSM production unit operates, the Group Company which is specialized in the design of micro drilling) a drilling rig G8.

The Trevi Group has always shown a real interest and direct involvement with regard to the research of drinking water as well as the restoration of abandoned wells and the training of the local population to keep them productive. The Trevi Group has been operating in Africa since 1967, and for a few years it has been now directly involved, through its Social Value, in the project “Water for Life”, which aims at alleviating the urgent need of drinking water.

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