What a Pleasure...
What a Pleasure...

What a Pleasure... Supporting Rotary Club

The Trevi Group with the Rotary Club of Cesena supporting the campaign “Che Piacere…” aimed at preventing alcohol consumption by teenagers.

Social Value has joined and funded the project implemented by the Rotary Club in Cesena which is meant to prevent alcohol consumption by teenagers. The initiative named “Che piacere…” (What a pleasure….) was launched following the publication of data on alcohol consumption by teenagers by the National Health Institute.

The said data reveals worrying trends: as soon as the age of eleven years, one boy out of five and one girl out of ten drink alcoholic beverages regularly and the average age of getting drunk for the first time has dropped to fourteen years.

Concerned by this problem, the Rotary Club in Cesena has launched and promoted the campaign “Che piacere…” involving the secondary and high schools of the town, with the aim of informing and raising awareness among new generations – and not only them – about the problems associated with alcohol consumption. The project is run by a group of specialised psychologists and includes four stages: an action addressed to teachers and students aimed at avoiding irreversible damage to brain caused by alcohol consumption by teenagers; a second action informing against misleading advertising on alcohol beverages that propose a positive, uninhibited model prone to socialisation; a third action targeting parents in order to propose rules and limits to alcohol consumption by teenagers; and a fourth action addressed to the whole society to encourage it to take on a responsible attitude on this issue from a cultural point of view.

Social Value has decided to join this initiative, thus confirming its strong support to projects mainly addressed to young people and contributing to their cultural and social development.

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