Il Gruppo Trevi vince il premio  “HR Innovation Award” Trevi spa

Il Gruppo Trevi vince il premio “HR Innovation Award”

Col progetto “Global HR Digital Transformation: la bussola del cambiamento” si gettano le prime “basi digitali” del rinnovamento.

Thanks to the project “Global HR Digital Transformation: the compass of change”, the Trevi Group won the 2020 “HR Innovation Award” in the “Process optimization” category. The announcement of the winners took place during the closing Conference of the HR Innovation Practice Observatory that was held on 26 May 2020 in Milan.

Conceived by the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, the HR Innovation Practice Observatory was born in 2010 to respond to the profound process of transformation of the expertise and role of the HR Management, as a result of the dissemination of new ICT technologies and organizational models. The “HR Innovation Awards”, on the other hand, were established in 2011 with the aim of creating knowledge and promoting the sharing of innovation projects and the improvement of the management and development processes of Human Resources, thanks to the adoption of the most innovative digital technologies.

This important award recognises the effort that the Trevi Group, already engaged in a profound and radical corporate and managerial reorganization, has made to implement the change management and to ensure its efficiency, through a gradual approach based on process and geographic areas. This radical change of direction is aimed at providing the best possible support for the Group's recovery plan and the achievement of the set goals.

In the first months of 2019, the Trevi Group felt the need to embrace digital change, through the renewal of both the corporate processes and the culture and organization of the Group. Its global presence and the consequent cultural diversities have emphasized, even more in recent years, the need to have not only an overall view, in order to make the sharing of information and resources between the various companies efficient, but also a common language, to ensure the same metrics and parameters in the use of information. At the heart of this was the desire to increase the strategic aspect of the HR Management, which was not very digital, also finding tools to support the communication of goals and their achievement. This resulted in the decision to develop the project called “Global HR Digital Transformation: the compass of change”.

This project, supported by the adoption of the Oracle HCM Cloud system and the consultants of the Business Reply system integrator, consisted in the implementation of a Group information system to enhance HR processes and the global standardization of their application, in order to promote participation as a founding element. Specifically, a common language was defined for master data and reporting standards of the Group. Furthermore, the performance management process was redefined by changing the evaluation model and activating the continuous feedback.

The HR and IT Departments were the main promoters of the project, which was subsequently shared with the Top Management that fostered it as one of the initiatives supporting the Group's reorganization. The Communication Department was also involved in the launching phases, to support change management and training activities.