SOILMEC CELEBRATES 50 YEARS | News Trevi Group Italia 1


An anniversary of passion and innovation

Soilmec history began officially on March 8, 1969 when Davide Trevisani inaugurated the factory in Pievesestina (near Cesena, Italy) just 14 months after its construction had started. Since then, we have been developing new ideas and products that have transformed the field of machinery for foundation engineering.

From the RT-3 to the newest SR-65, we work to provide our clients not only with reliable, versatile products, but with the technical and technological support they need to find the right solution to their increasingly complex and challenging geotechnical and project problems. Every invention, every product and every breakthrough has been powered by generations of employees who are inspired to make a difference.

Today, Soilmec has 12 subsidiary companies, 45 distribution and 6 operational centres employing more than 1300 people. Thanks to a constantly upgraded and broadening range of products and a greatly increased production capability, the company has produced more than 5000 rigs and now sells them in all 5 continents. 

SOILMEC CELEBRATES 50 YEARS | News Trevi Group Italia 1