Pilotes Trevi for Children
Pilotes Trevi for Children

Argentina, projects for children

Aid to the pre-schools of Nuestra Senõra del Valle, Pacheco.

We cross the Atlantic Ocean and land in Argentina. Pilotes Trevi – subsidiary of the Trevi Group in Argentina – has been supporting for a few years the Comunidad Educativa Nuestra Señora del Valle in Pacheco. It is broad and comprehensive support activity ranging from the provision of food to the organisation of initiatives for the cultural growth and education of the children of the health community of Hogar San Hipólito-San Nicolás.

The deep link with the children of the pre-school Nuestra Señora del Valle was further strengthened during the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of Pilotes Trevi. In Zarate – the city where Pilotes Trevi started its activity back in 1971 – many employees took part in the barbecue organized along the bank of the Paraná river, from which a breathtaking view of the Brazo Largo bridge is enjoyed. The children of the pre-school Nuestra Señora del Valle were invited: they brought joy and songs to the celebrations.