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Foundations Technology Academy
FTA, Learning to Innovate
Innovation is the capability of strengthening one’s own business by developing new solutions which can solve problems, increase safety, reduce the effort and improve economic results. But innovation doesn’t come from improvisation or just by the genius of few people. It is rather rooted into the experience, it develops thanks to science and technology and it is shared thanks to the hard work of a tight team.

The Trevi Group’s attention to training is such that we have established a unique School in the world in 2006, as a result of all previous training experiences.
The Foundations Technology Academy (FTA) ambitiously aims at transferring the amazing experience gained by the Trevi Group and its passion for innovation, by stimulating business development and improvement of safety and performances on a global scale.

Learning is a process requiring assimilation, re-processing and practical application of the contents.
FTA helps this process by means of theoretical sessions with the most advanced multimedia systems and field tests, thanks to the technological support offered by Trevi Group.
The maintenance of mechanical-hydraulic components, the use of hydraulic drilling equipments, the operation of electric systems, the analysis and the solution of failures and safety protocols are only few of the lessons’ contents.
Lessons are combined with field tests in order to check mechanical, electric and hydraulic systems, as well as functional working procedures and checks. An attendance certificate proves the quality of the training course.

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