Child Care
Child Care

Child Care Centre in Muscat

As part of its Social Value initiative programme, Swissboring – Trevi Group – has built a disabled-friendly plygrond for the inmates at the Child Care Centre in Al Khoudh, Muscat. The playground is built in a way that it is accessible for children on wheelchair. Special ramps have also been set up keeping in mind the needs of handicapped children.

Alfonso D’Amato, resident manager of Swissboring Oman, said: “The playground is our first Social Value initiative in Oman. The Child Care Centre has approximately 150 children, five of them are handicapped. We have also donated three DSLR cameras for the older children at the orphanage so that they can learn photography”. D’Amato also said that the company planning more such initiatives in future. “We have planned some more initiatives in Oman next year”.

Abdullah Mohammed al Zadjali, director of Child Care Centre appreciated the efforts of the company: “ It is great initiative. We thank the company for their contribution to our centre”.