Abruzzo Earthquake
Abruzzo Earthquake

Trevi Group for Abruzzo

Trevi donates four prefabricated modules for the reconstruction

Two modules to be used as houses and offices. This is what the Trevi Group has made available to the Police, the Red Cross and the Provincial Administration that are all involved, each according to their own competences, in managing the after-earthquake situation as good as possible.

A logistic support for which the Trevi Group has given full and immediate availability, by thoroughly paying also for the transport (see picture above on the left) and for the installation.

The operation lasted a couple of days: as soon as it was necessary, the inside organization immediately arranged for assembling the four modules according to the site specifications. The first module, located in Aquila, hosts the office of the President of the Province of Aquila, while the second hosts the Office of the Commissary of the Italian Red Cross.

The two other modules, equipped as houses and located in Avezzano and in another town in the Abruzzi hinterland hit by the earthquake, are at disposal of the local Police.