Social Value for Haiti
Social Value for Haiti

Trevi Group for Haiti

Haiti: after the earthquake, a new hope

The project of building a nutrition centre in Cité Soleil has become a reality! The initiative has been fully funded by the Trevi Group which in 2011 launched an in-house fund-raising to which many employees took part both in Italy and abroad.

The project completed and inaugurated in the first months of 2012, included two separate stages:

1. The construction of the Nutrition Centre covering a surface of 160 sq.m. and rehabilitation of the surrounding soil. The land selected for the Centre is in the main square of the neighbourhood of Cité Soleil. The Municipality Cité Soleil gave the usufruct on the land for the provision of services to the public to the volunteers’ association AVSI of Cesena which has been working since many years on site to provide educational services and nutrition support.

2. The construction and start-up of a “Water point” with restrooms, water storage and chlorination tanks, taps for water supply to the community. The water point can store 1,600 litres of water and ensure a minimum standard in emergency situations (2l of drinking water per person per day) for 3,200 people, or the supply needed for about 1,000 people (7l of water per person per day).

The Trevi Group will pay for the operating costs of the centre for at least the next two years.