Aber Hospital
Aber Hospital

Uganda, donation to the Hospital of Aber

“We want to thank all Trevi people for the donation made in favor of the Aber Hospital, Uganda. Thanks to you we were able to buy a new anaesthetic machine and improve the health care capacity and effectiveness in the hospital. Your gesture is a sign of hope and life for the over 7,000 patients admitted last year and, more generally, for the population of the district ... Today, thanks to your help, we can continue our work, ensuring, day after day, better surgical care."

The words of thanks above reported are from Don Dante Carraro, the Director of the Association of Medici con l’Africa Cuamm, the first Italian organization that works for the health protection and promotion of African people.

In the course of 2013, thanks to the contribution made by “Social Value” a SAMED Autovent appliance was bought that allows to control various parameters, including: EKG, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure according to an automatic and timed method, the continuity in body temperature and the carbon dioxide in the gases coming from the lungs, as an index of adequacy of pulmonary ventilation.