Code of Ethic | Trevi Group 1
Codice Etico

Code of Ethic

This Code sets out the commitments and ethical responsibilities in the conduct of business and company activities undertaken by the employees of Trevi Finanziaria Industriale S.p.A. and the Companies directly or indirectly controlled by it (hereinafter also referred to as the “Trevi Group” or “the Group” or “Trevi”), whether they are directors or employees of these companies in any sense of the word.

The Group is firmly convinced that ethics in business practice is an indispensable condition for achieving success and promoting the corporate image and, as such, ethics represents an essential corporate asset. To this end, Trevi Finanziaria Industriale S.p.A. has decided to adopt its own Code of Ethics which, in line with the principles of fairness, loyalty and honesty already shared by the Company, is aimed at regulating the Company’s activities by means of behavioural rules, establishing the general principles with which the Companies of the Trevi Group must comply.

This Code is an integral part of the Group’s organisation, management and control system pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree No. 231 of 8 June 2001, concerning “regulations on the administrative liability of legal persons, companies and associations, including those without legal personality, pursuant to Article 11 of Law No. 300 of 29 September 2000”

Trevi Group’s Ethic Code: click here to view/download